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Submission Calls Are Here

July 4th, 2013 · 1 Comment

The entire team at My Light Magazine is busy  preparing for the Summer 2013 issue of My Light Magazine. We did a total makeover and with  diligent work from Northern Adams, I think you are going to love it. Our team is dedicated and we are keeping each other all on our toes.  Before we unveil our new look, we need a few more items to fill our magazine. If you can contribute, send your submissions ASAP. Normally each department has its own editor in charge, but JUST THIS ONCE  in the interest of time send all submissions to  mylightmagazine(at) msn (dot) com     or to    writer(dot)northernadams(at)gmail (dot)com


2 Crafts needed. Preferred themes are: Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosary Craft, Summer, anything Marian, seasonal, etc. Included in the submission, please attach 2-3 photos: at least one photo of the craft in progress and one of the finished product. 

Also from the guidelines: “Should be faith-based in nature, and easy to do.  When submitting craft ideas, please also include 2 – 3 pictures showing various stages of completion, as well as one of the finished project, and specify the appropriate age group for your craft idea.  Simpler craft projects intended for readers aged 4 – 8 should not include instructions more than 350 words in length.  For more complicated projects geared toward readers aged 9 – 12, keep lengths under 500 words.”



2 articles needed. Nonfiction/science-related articles. We all agree God created a wonderful world. Help our children learn more about His amazing world. 

From the Guidelines:  “God’s Amazing World:  This is a special Non-Fiction section focused on articles that highlight God’s creation. Plants, animals, science, the Earth, etc.”



Everyone has a vocation in life and has different vocations during different stages of life.  We are looking for articles on Vocations. What is a vocation? Is it only about the religious life or marriage? What are vocations children could relate to?  How can we get children to look at their lives as a calling from God? 



An integral part of our Catholic Faith is our parish. It is who we are and where we come from. In some places, “What parish are you from” is about as common as asking “What’s your name?” when we meet new friends.  If you have an article or pictures  to share about your parish, feel free to submit them. What makes your parish stand out? What makes it “home” to you? What do kids do in your parish? Be sure to have your parish’s permission to share info/pictures. 


Length requirements for stories, Bible stories retold, and articles:

For ages 4 – 6:      300 – 400 words
For ages 7 – 9:      400 – 600 words
For ages 10 – 12:  600 – 900 words   



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  • 1 Tanja Cilia // Jul 5, 2013 at 2:12 am

    This is impressive! Well done to all those involved in this Godly work. Now let’s all spread the word on out own social sites.

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