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Lent is Here

March 9th, 2014 · No Comments

Welcome to the first Sunday in Lent. I pray all have chosen something to “give up” for Lent to unite themselves with Jesus’ sacrifice for us. However, Lent isn’t just about giving up things. Sometimes we might choose to do something nice. For instance, if we always argue with our sister or brother, we might choose to say something nice to that person every day. Maybe we could offer to do an extra chore all Lent for Mom and Dad. There are many possibilities.  What is it that you have given up or are doing for Lent? 

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Catholic School’s Week

January 29th, 2014 · No Comments

There is a new post up at My Light Magazine. It is a special article/post about Catholic School’s Week and how we celebrate it. Stop on by at My Light and leave a comment. Share with us how you and your school celebrated this week.



God Bless,

Jennifer Gladen

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Pope Francis Calls for a Day of Prayer and Fasting

September 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

Pope Francis this weekend called for a day of prayer and fasting for September 7, 2013 in response to the rise in fighting in Syria and the possibility of more war. I find this day significant because it is the eve of Mary’s birthday. In many private revelations, including the well-known revelations at Fatima, Our Lady makes it clear how important prayer and fasting are in overcoming evil. “Many souls go to Hell because there are none to sacrifice themselves and to pray for them,” she said.  Fasting and prayer have been known to stop wars, famine and more.


So what is fasting and how could a family with children or ill family members participate? Fasting is giving up something, or sacrificing something we enjoy. It is  not just through food,  though it is the most common form. We fast every Lent for 40 days,  and often our children participate by giving up candy, gum, or a favorite toy. Below are some other forms of fasting and prayer in which we can join Pope Francis on September 7th:

Fast From:                                                               And Replace it With:

Computer/video games                                                  Reading a book about saints

Watching a Movie                                                             Pray the Rosary for World Peace

Arguing with your sister/brother/neighbor        A special prayer for that person  

Complaining about dinner                                            A prayer of thanksgiving

                                                                                                   before the meal

Reading your favorite book                                         Reading from your

                                                                                                 Children’s Bible/Bible

Shopping for a new toy                                                Buy something small for charity

                                                                                                or a gift for someone who needs it


What are some other ideas you have? How will you fast and pray with Pope Francis?




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My Light Magazine Announces Newest Issue Summer 2013

July 14th, 2013 · No Comments



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America


July 15, 2013 —

Jennifer Gladen, Editor-in-Chief of My Light Magazine announced the latest issue of the magazine is now live online. “We’ve made many changes and improvements this time,” stated the magazine’s founder, “and I think you’re going to love it!”

Ms Gladen announced several new departments including the new special nonfiction section titled God’s Amazing World. “This is exciting,” the Editor-in-Chief said, “to highlight God’s creation like this and at the same time, teach the children all about how it works.” In addition to this new department, there is also a section for Devotions, Bible stories, and Catechism studies. “There’s something for everyone,” Gladen stated.

Perhaps the newest item to the magazine is the Children’s Submissions. “My Light welcomes submissions from children in addition to our authors and illustrators,” Gladen said. “With a parent or guardian’s permission, children may submit a story, poem, prayer, or artwork.” More information on submissions for children is available on the website.

The entire My Light team worked tireless hours putting the new look together. “It’s been a rough road,” stated Gladen, “but like the winning team that we are, we pulled together and came out with another super issue of My Light Magazine.”

For more information about My Light Magazine, please visit

And their blog





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Submission Calls Are Here

July 4th, 2013 · 1 Comment

The entire team at My Light Magazine is busy  preparing for the Summer 2013 issue of My Light Magazine. We did a total makeover and with  diligent work from Northern Adams, I think you are going to love it. Our team is dedicated and we are keeping each other all on our toes.  Before we unveil our new look, we need a few more items to fill our magazine. If you can contribute, send your submissions ASAP. Normally each department has its own editor in charge, but JUST THIS ONCE  in the interest of time send all submissions to  mylightmagazine(at) msn (dot) com     or to    writer(dot)northernadams(at)gmail (dot)com


2 Crafts needed. Preferred themes are: Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rosary Craft, Summer, anything Marian, seasonal, etc. Included in the submission, please attach 2-3 photos: at least one photo of the craft in progress and one of the finished product. 

Also from the guidelines: “Should be faith-based in nature, and easy to do.  When submitting craft ideas, please also include 2 – 3 pictures showing various stages of completion, as well as one of the finished project, and specify the appropriate age group for your craft idea.  Simpler craft projects intended for readers aged 4 – 8 should not include instructions more than 350 words in length.  For more complicated projects geared toward readers aged 9 – 12, keep lengths under 500 words.”



2 articles needed. Nonfiction/science-related articles. We all agree God created a wonderful world. Help our children learn more about His amazing world. 

From the Guidelines:  “God’s Amazing World:  This is a special Non-Fiction section focused on articles that highlight God’s creation. Plants, animals, science, the Earth, etc.”



Everyone has a vocation in life and has different vocations during different stages of life.  We are looking for articles on Vocations. What is a vocation? Is it only about the religious life or marriage? What are vocations children could relate to?  How can we get children to look at their lives as a calling from God? 



An integral part of our Catholic Faith is our parish. It is who we are and where we come from. In some places, “What parish are you from” is about as common as asking “What’s your name?” when we meet new friends.  If you have an article or pictures  to share about your parish, feel free to submit them. What makes your parish stand out? What makes it “home” to you? What do kids do in your parish? Be sure to have your parish’s permission to share info/pictures. 


Length requirements for stories, Bible stories retold, and articles:

For ages 4 – 6:      300 – 400 words
For ages 7 – 9:      400 – 600 words
For ages 10 – 12:  600 – 900 words   



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News about My Light Magazine

May 27th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Things are moving along for My Light. Lots of prayers have been said, more team members are in place,communication is better. The Easter Season truly brought new life to the magazine, though most of it has been done behind the scenes. Submissions have been placed on hold until the relaunch of the magazine this summer. This is so we can focus on the structure, design and organization of My Light. We have been working tirelessly and our Assistant Editor/Web Editor Northern Adams has working overtime. You won’t want to miss what we have in store for you.


My Light Logo


Be on the lookout for the new link as we approach our launch date this summer!

God bless! And keep praying for us. It is helping more than you know.


—Jennifer Gladen



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Adopt a Cardinal

March 12th, 2013 · No Comments

With the Conclave having officially begun today, there are many efforts underway by parishioners, religious and our children to help in any way we can. We often hear about fasting and praying for the cardinals at this time.  One way we can do this is to “Adopt a Cardinal“. This is a website where you can view and learn more about the cardinals who are part of the Conclave and choose one for specific intentions – in essence to spiritually adopt them. We all know the power of prayer: it has healed the sick, caused miracles, softened hearts and changed lives. When you adopt a cardinal you pray for them during this time and for three days after the election of the new Pope. What a great way to be part of such an important process. How pleasing to God it could be.

In what ways can we pray for our cardinals?

  • Offer daily intentions
  • The Rosary
  • Offering your Lenten fast
  • Offering sacrifices throughout the day
  • Morning offering
  • Nighttime Prayers
  • Reading Scripture – especially passages that pertain to the ordained
  • Psalms
  • Daily Mass
  • Pennances

Did you Adopt a Cardinal? Who is your Cardinal? Our family has Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal Burke.


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Happy Advent

December 9th, 2012 · No Comments

Just sending a word out there that My Light Magazine is busy getting this Christmas issue out. I wish we could say we’ve had lots of illustrators this month, but we have not. It is understandable with such a busy season. My Light is grateful for any and all help we get to continue our mission.

We have been busy at the magazine as well. After participating my Parish’s annual Advent Prayer and Concert tonight I wanted take a few moments and wish everyone a Happy Advent. How are you “preparing the way”? With all the hustle and bustle of life, work and family, it was nice to take a few moments of “quiet time” with the parish, priest, and music minisrty (and not least of all–Jesus!). It reminded me of what we are really celebrating this time of year.

SO – no matter what you are doing this Advent, remember to take a few moments to say a prayer, recall a Psalm or just speak to Jesus. It will do wonders and help you perspective.

God Bless…And stay tuned for My Light’s Christmas Season issue!

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Prayers for Our Neighbors after Hurricane Sandy

November 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

My family and my neighborhood has been  blessed during the natural disaster of Hurricane Sandy. Being in Philadelphia, there were many homes without power, heat, and phone service. While our family was spared these hardships, many more families endured this and worse. Along with my prayer of thanksgiving, I also offer up prayers of  hope and healing for those not as fortunate. In areas of New Jersey and New York, there was not only loss of power, but loss of homes and lives.

The Sunday before the hurricane our priest led us in a Hail Mary for protection from the storm. I honestly believe that was the major reason our area was so blessed. And so, I’d like to offer a prayer for those still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. A simple, yet powerful Hail Mary:

Hail Mary,

Full of Grace

The Lord is with you.

Blessed are you

Among women.

And blessed is the fruit

Of your womb


Holy Mary,

Mother of God

Pray for us sinners

Now and at the hour

Of our death.


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7 New Saints

October 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Looking for some content to write about for My Light Magazine? Today Pope Benedict XVI canonized seven new saints and gave them much praise in his Sunday Homily. He named Bl. Kateri Tekawitha and Bl. Marianne Cope (both Americans), along with Bl. Anna Schaffer, Bl.Carmen Salles y Barangueras, Bl. Giovani Battista Piamarta, Bl. Jacques Berthieu, and Bl. Pedro Calungsod. Each new saint has proven to be a role model in the faith and has given God their “Yes” in answering His call.

There is already information about these great servants of God online. If you are looking for some fresh material to submit to My Light Magazine, or know someone who would enjoy writing about one of these new saints, contact Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Gladen at jennifer(underscore)gladen5(at)msn(dot)com to let her know you are working on one of the new saints. Priority is given on a first come first served basis.

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